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Freestanding Bird Feeders

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Freestanding Bird Feeders

Regular price R 860.00

Our handmade, wooden bird feeders provide excellent feeding stations for your small to medium-sized garden birds and are hugely popular, especially with the birds! EcoSolutions Bird Feeders can be placed in an appropriate spot in your garden to attract all sorts of birds to your property. Once the word gets out, they’ll be queuing for their turn!

Refund & Return Policy

- Refunds and returns of this product can be issued within 24 hours of order placement.

- No refunds shall be issued for any installations and services that have been completed.

- Here at EcoSolutions we are very understanding and will be able to assist with your order in most circumstances.

Delivery/Shipping Policy

- EcoSolutions delivers and installs products for clients within a 50km range of our offices in Randburg, thereafter you will be charged travelling costs.