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Old George Bat Hotel

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Old George Bat Hotel

Regular price R 1,380.00

A Suitable roosting and breeding sites for various insect eating bat species.

Mounted on a pole and if possible close to the waters edge to allow bats to control your insect populations.

Bats are a sort of ‘bug police: they fly around and catch insects using a process called echolocation to find their insect meals. They make high-pitched sounds that bounce off objects and return to the bat as echoes. Bats in flight can distinguish the difference in sound between a tree, your head, and a mosquito! They reduce pests naturally, reducing the need for pesticide usage and thereby helping to make our water and earth cleaner.

Houses approximately 200-300 bats.

Note: These bat boxes can be mounted again the side of the house under the eaves or installed on a gum pole. The gum pole is an additional cost of R290.00.