Slimline bat house

Slimline bat house

Slimline bat house

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This bat house is an unobtrusive box which is mounted under the eaves of the roof to provide a roosting and nesting site for various insect-eating bats.

Bats are an excellent ally in the control of pest insects species such as mosquitoes and moths and contribute greatly to your garden wildlife.

Houses approximately 80 -100 bats.

The Slimline bat box is designed to be mounted against a wall (not free-standing on a gum pole).

For collection via courier:

Dimensions: 85cm x 55cm x 8cm

Weight: 6kg

*Please note that dimensions may differ when products are packaged with bubble wrap. An additional 2 cm has been added to the actual dimensions to account for this.

*Please note that some courier companies calculate the cost on volumetric weight.

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