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Bats in Your Roof?

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Bats in Your Roof?

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EcoSolutions are able to assist you with the bat exclusion. EcoSolutions undertakes this sort of work across SA and we are the only permitted bat exclusion organisation in the country. 

In order to provide you with a quote to exclude your bats, we first need to arrange a site visit and consultation to establish the whereabouts of entry and exit points the bats are using, and the meterage of exclusion materials required. During the consultation, we also install the Nursery bat hotel.

Our permit stipulates that when excluding a bat colony, an compensatory roost site (in terms of a bat house) must be provide for the excluded bats. We believe the best bat box to replicate a ceiling environment is the multi-chambered Nursery bat hotel.

The bat box is installed close to the main entry/exit point that bats use either against the wall of the house or on a gum pole.

This cost includes the installation of the Nursery bat box (R1 380.00) and the consultation fee (R430.00).

After the site visit, you will receive a full proposal detailing the exclusion process and a quote based on what the consultation suggests and the materials required to exclude your bats.

(Please note that a gum pole for the bat hotel is not included in this cost. If a gum pole is required, it is an additional R290.00 - please contact the office to arrange one 011 791 7326 or